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TCWY is going to invest in the field of environmental protection

June 04.2019

As the environment problem is ever increasingly serious nowadays, worlds need for cleaner and renewable energy rises in its demand,

TCWY received Mr. Tapai from Europe, to discuss and bring in an advanced technology solution for utilising waste ( including Municipal Solid Waste MSW, Medical, dangerous chemicals, metal and various other types of waste).

The Plasma Gasification Technology is far ahead in comparison to traditional waste management methods and technologies, in terms of its operational efficiencies and emission contents.
After the informative meeting, the two parties are going to draft an agreement to invest and cooperate in both domestic and international market.

“The technology will bring rising demand and popularity due to its range of applications, efficiency and environmental impact,TCWY is not specialized in providing the gas solution, but also investing a lot in the promising technology and project globally.” Mr Leon, the director of marketing commented.