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TCWY received Japanese Partner

June 11.2019

As China is celebrating the Dragon Boast Festival, TCWY received the team from Japan,
The two parties discussed the cooperation on several high potential PSA  O2, PSA N2 and a PSA CO plants in Japan that range from Medium to Large in size.
Further, TCWY also discussed on ways to venture into new and high integration engineering capabilities. A successful design of condensing the size of the PSA H2 (Hydrogen) plant that would fit in a smaller area (the size of a container).
TCWY identifies that such Industrial Gas Plants (Hydrogen) will be widely popular in certain regions of the world and in certain Industries.
“With skyrocketing demand for these smaller units (both in size and capacity), We will be able to reach out and supply to an even wider range of clients, further expanding TCWY’s business holding our position as a leading Industrial Gas/ Chemical plant supplier” The director of Sales & Marketing commented.

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